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Which Countries Allow U.S. Citizens To Visit The Longest?

With the recent news, everyone has been worried about the visa requirements for U.S. citizens. Until this point, US nationals have enjoyed some of the best travel facilities, with the least amount of paperwork, when it comes to going on a long stay or vacation abroad, without any danger of ever losing their citizenship. A little bit of research is however required as visa regulations differ from country to country. Here are the most lenient countries for U.S. citizens to visit:

Which Countries Allow U.S. Citizens To Visit The Longest?

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1. Canada

American citizens can visit Canada with a valid passport, without obtaining a visa, for a period of 6 months, providing they are in good health and have proof of sufficient funds and show intent to return to their home country.

2. Bermuda

Bermuda tourist visa is not needed for U S citizens for a stay up to 180 days. All you need is for your passport to be valid for 90 days from the date of your exit from Bermuda.

3. Barbados

No tourist visa necessary for U S citizens to stay in Barbados up to 180 days. You just need a passport which is valid for at least 90 days after your departure from Barbados.

4. Mauritius

Citizens of America intending to visit Mauritius simply need a passport with 90 days validity from date of departure from Mauritius. Evidence of return ticket, adequate funds and accommodation proof is enough to get you a 180 day stay.

5. United Kingdom

American citizens going to UK as tourists can apply for a visa upon arrival, for a maximum stay of up to six months, without going through the normal tedious modes of immigration. Intent to return and sufficient funds to sustain are all that is needed.

6. Mexico

The maximum time that a visitor may stay without a formal visa is six months. Therefore your passport must be valid for at least that much time. For US citizens, a visitor’s permit is sufficient, which can be easily obtained on arrival.

7. Dominica

Residents of America do not require a visa to tour Dominica for a stay of up to 180 days. In addition to a valid passport you will asked to provide a return ticket.

8. Jamaica

U S citizens may tour Jamaica for leisure or business, without visas, providing they have a valid passport with six months validity, return ticket, proof of funds and sound in mind. Maximum stay allowed is 180 days.

9. Nepal

Citizens off all nationalities entering Nepal can get a visa on arrival for a period of up to 3 months, extendable to a maximum of 150 days in a calendar year. A passport with six months validity is necessary.

10. Fiji

Citizens of the United States with a current passport – with at least 6 months remaining validity, proof of funds and a valid health insurance to cover their trip, can get  up to four month stay without visa.
Reference: State Travel Dept

Best Carry On Luggage For Men 2017

Having the right luggage can be the difference between a seamless business trip and a struggle. Be it having to squeeze slightly-over-sized luggage into the overhead compartment, dealing with wheels that just don’t want to roll smoothly or not having the right dimensions to fit in your items, there are a series of small issues that can add up and cause frustration.

But not anymore! Find the right luggage for your needs to our comprehensive guide!

Best Carry On Luggage For Men

Below are 3 of the best options for 2017:

Delsey Helium Aero



This model from Delsey comes with internal mesh pockets and protective straps. It lacks some of the exterior storage of other items, but still packs a punch when it comes to storage capacity.

Key Features:

  • Easy to close zip
  • 29 inches in height
  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • Multi-directional wheels
  • Very light-weight

Delsey Helium Shadow



This one is a bit more expensive than some other models, but it is one of the best on the market. It’s very well made and durable with many features included.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree rolling wheels
  • Zip closing system
  • 25.2 inches in height
  • Lined with fabric
  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • 10 year warranty

Samsonite Dkx



This is one of the top sellers for people traveling regularly for business. It is spacious, sturdy and really is quite luxurious. Find out more here.

Key Features:

  • 85% Polyester/15% Nylon
  • Zipper closing system
  • 29 inches in height
  • Multi-directional wheels
  • Mesh interior pocket on the inside panel along with a wet pack pocket
  • Ability to expand for extra capacity

How To Choose Carry on Luggage

Carry on luggage dimensions:

Make sure the item can fit into overhead compartments. This is a must! 22″ x14″ x9” is the ideal dimensions to look for as this will be compliant with the majority of North American carriers. Read more here.

Comfort: You’re going to spend quite a bit of time lugging this one around so be sure that it feels nice to touch and handle.

Handles: It’s very helpful to have a handle on-top plus a side handle. This makes lifting the case on and off of the plane or in and out of the overhead compartment much easier.

Rotating wheels: Not all models will have wheels that can swivel and although this is not essential, it make life a whole lot easier when the wheels can pivot and swivel when you change direction.

Telescopic handles: You want to make sure that the handles can raise to sufficient height. This one is for all the tall guys out there. Anything lower than your waist and you’re stooping. That’s going to turn into a nasty backache during the flight.

Padding on the handles: That weight can certainly add up after a while, so where possible, aim to get a comfortable grips and padding around the handles.

Choosing a light weight bag will make it easier to lift into the overhead compartments.

Happy traveling with your new luggage!

The 7 Most Creative Luggage Tags

A lot of luggage looks the same. Picking a creative luggage tag will help you breeze through the baggage claim and even prevent your bag from getting lost. Here are 7 creative luggage tags that we found across the web.

1. Vintage Luggage Tags

Release your inner hipster with these vintage style tags. We know you liked them before they were cool.

vintage tags

2. Anchor’s Away

This trendy tag is a MUST have for a cruise. It was designed by Kate Aspen for Bed Bath And Beyond.

anchor tag

3. Monogrammed Luggage Handle Wrap

Tags aren’t the only way to ID your bag. A personalized handle wrap from Etsy will really make your bag stand out. You should especially consider this if you are the unfortunate owner of a bag that does not have padding on the handle.

4. Keep Calm, It’s My Carry On

I’m not 100% sure a bag with this funny tag will make it through the security line without some funny looks. But, it certainly made the list for creativity. Best for trips to the U.K., where the Keep Calm, Carry On slogan originated during WWII.

keep calm

5. Aluminum Laser Engraved

Paper has its wear and tear with all of that bouncing around in nether-regions of the airport. Aluminum is much more durable, and stylish.

laser engraved

6. Superheroes

They may be cute but they also kick ass. Tag your bag with a superhero and you’ll be fly like one too.


7. Wood Luggage Tags

This unique wooden design can be customized with your information. It models the style of a retro paper airline tag, but provides the durability of wood.


1. Roll your clothes instead of folding


rolled jeans
Image courtesy of Worakit Sirijinda at

Retail stores have been using this trick for years in their stock rooms to fit more clothes. Simply roll up your clothes instead of folding them to fit more in your bag! It’s also a great way to keep your outfits together. Place your socks, underwear, and shirt on top of your pants. Then, roll them up to keep the outfit together and save space in your bag.

2. Pack your electronics on top

Image from
Image courtesy of Worakit Sirijinda at

One quick way to speed up your time in the security line is to pack anything they might need to take a look at on top. That includes your laptop, toiletries, and any other electronics. Your fellow airport travelers will also appreciate the speediness as you move through the security line and security is less likely to rummage through your bag, messing up your clothes in the process.

3. Make a DIY single use toothpaste or lotion carrier



Why bring a whole tube of toothpaste or a bottle of lotion just to have it confiscated in the security line? It’s easy to make a single use toothpaste or lotion holder. All you’ll need is a straw, scissors, lighter, and pliers. First, cut the straw in half and fill it with enough toothpaste for one brush. Then pinch the end of the straw with your pliers. Finally, heat the end of the straw with your lighter to seal it.

4. Store your hairpins in a tic tac container



Photo credit: Christopher Hsia / / CC BY-SA

Tic tacs are only a few cents. Not only will your breath smell great but you will also have a neat little container to store your hairpins, earrings, and small accessories that could easily be lost in your luggage.

5. Plastic bags are your best friend


rewbs.soal / / CC BY-SA

Clothes take up a lot of space in your bag because they are filled with air. By placing your clothes in a large ziploc bag and removing the air, you can really compress them and save some space. Don’t have a vacuum? Use a straw to suck the air out.

6. Buy some clothes at your final destination


When in Rome… dress as the Romans. Well, wearing a toga on your next vacation might be taking it too far. But if you purchase some of your clothes at your final destination instead of bringing them, you’ll save space and have some nice souvenirs for the trip home. Plus, you won’t look like a tourist if you dress like the locals.


7. Swap your bean bag neck pillow for an inflatable one

neck pillowNeck pillows can help you leave the flight well-rested and eliminate the stress of travelling. But, they take up a lot of room in your bag. Try using an inflatable neck pillow to save space.

8. Get free stuff from the hotel front desk


Don’t bother packing deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, or disposable razor. But Dr, won’t I be a stinky mess? No! All of these things can be had for free if you ask the front desk of your hotel. Sometimes, you can even get a free iPhone charger from the lost and found – hundreds are forgotten in hotel rooms every day. Alternatively, you can buy most of these things when you get to your destination and throw them away before the return trip to save space.


9. Follow the 3:1:1 rule

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 12.28.55 PM

The TSA has a special rule when it comes to carrying liquids. You are allowed to fit as many 3oz (3.4oz if you want to be technical) bottles of liquid in a 1 quart bag, with 1 bag allowed per passenger. This rule includes semi-liquids too, like lotions, toothpaste, and gels.


10. Layer your clothes


Layered Clothing

What you “carry on” doesn’t have to be limited to your carry-on. Wear a jacket in the airport to free up some space in your bag, tie a sweatshirt around your waist, and wear a hat in line. You will be asked to remove the jacket and accessories in the security line, which can slow things down, but at least you will save some space in your bag.


11. Save time in line with TSA Pre Check


TSA Pre Check is a new program that has been adopted at over 150 airports and by all of the major U.S. airlines. If you are approved for this program, there’s no need to remove laptops, liquids, jackets, belts, or other items from your bag. With this program you enter a special expedited security line and cut down your waiting time!


12. Weigh your bag on the bathroom scale


bathroom scale
Make sure to check your bag’s weight on the bathroom scale before you get to the airport. If the bag weighs less than 50 lbs or is smaller than 62 inches in dimension, it’s considered normal size for bag check. This size could be free or a small fee depending on your airline. Anything over that is universally considered overweight and will incur additional charges.

{Infographic} Handy Business Travel Checklist

The best part about traveling for business is getting to your destination smoothly, nailing your presentation and coming back home successful. But we all know with travel, it’s not always that easy. You can’t control travel delays, lost luggage and more, but you can be more prepared with the items you pack, which can make a mad dash from the airport to your client’s office easier. Check out this handy business travel packing checklist below.

Business travel checklist


Founded in 1978 by Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs, Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage quickly earned its place as one of the most highly respected luxury luggage companies in America. These elegant suitcases bring the highest quality fabrics and zippers together with a sensible design and a classy selection of colours.

If you want to invest in a high quality suitcase that will be the envy of everyone you meet on your travels, a Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase is the way to go.

Try out one of these suitcase lines:


The Roxbury 2.0 Hardside Collection is made out of an extremely lightweight but high impact material called Makrolon. This keeps even your fragile souvenirs safe without weighing you down. Combined with four-directional wheels(wheels that spin in every direction so you can turn more easily), the light weight of the Makrolon makes this suitcase far more manageable than your standard hard shell suitcase. Roxbury suitcases also feature multi-locking extendable handles to make it easier for you to traverse the airport.

It’s worth noting that the different suitcases available in the Hardside Collection all have drastically different features. Make sure you read through the specific specs of the suitcase you’re considering before you actually make a purchase.

You can get the Hardside Collection in 4 different sizes and it also comes in silver, purple or red.


This elegant luggage collection features a particularly sleek design and features hard shell protection in key impact areas to keep your things safe. Soft front and back panels maximize packing room and help keep this case quite light. It also has a multi-locking extendable handle system and four-directional wheels so you  can easily navigate the airport and anywhere else you need to take your suitcase.

One distinctive thing about these suitcases is how easy they make it to organize your stuff. They feature an “On Hangers” system that allows you to pull items straight from the closet as well as “Split Book” opening so you can easily access whatever items you need. Most of these features aren’t available in the Crystal City tote because of its size.

The Ricardo Beverly Hills Crystal City Luggage Collection features suitcases in 5 different sizes, including a 16-inch rolling tote bag.


Suitcases in the Ricardo Beverly Hills Montecito Micro-Lite Luggage Collection feature molded polypropylene support trays and super light frames to make the luggage both durable and incredibly light weight. Reinforced four-directional wheels make these suitcases easy to navigate around the airport or anywhere else you might have to take them—and will continue to do so for several years.

You can purchase a Ricardo Beverly Hills Montecito Micro-Lite suitcase in one of 4 different sizes or even purchase a hand-held laptop-size Montecito Micro-Lite bag. The larger Montecito Micro-Lite suitcases also expand by a full 2 inches, making sure you have room for everything you buy while you’re away. Montecito bags come in brown or red.


The Ricardo Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Collection features a combination of Nano-Tex, the highest quality fabric currently being used in the luggage industry, and Makrolon polycarbonate to provide enhanced safety for your items as well as an elegant look.

One distinctive feature of this particular suitcase line is that Rodeo Drive suitcases expand a full two inches, whereas most suitcases only expand by 1.25 inches. This can make all the difference when you’re trying to fit everything you purchased on your trip back into your suitcase.

The Rodeo Drive Collection features five different suitcases, with four different sizes and one soft exterior option.

Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcases might cost quite a premium if you can’t find them on sale, but these elegant and durable suitcases are well worth the investment. Still, remember to read reviews of the specific suitcase you’re looking at before you purchase it to make sure that it’s right for you. If you’re going to really invest in a suitcase you want it to be the right one!

Messenger bags are the preferred work bag for many modern men. They look more professional than backpacks, more stylish than brief cases and they are far easier to carry than your standard briefcase.

It should come as no surprise that leather is one of the preferred materials for messenger bags. For one thing, leather bags lend their owner an air of wisdom, and they tend to only grow more attractive as they age. For another, they’re incredibly durable. A well maintained leather bag can last decades, even an entire lifetime.

What might be more surprising is the wide price range of high quality leather messenger bags. A leather messenger bag doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, many of these bags are similarly priced to messenger bags made from other, less durable materials.

Eager to learn more? Check out our list of the best leather messenger bags for men currently for sale:

The Kattee brand has long been known for producing incredibly durable bags, the kind of bags that last years or even decades longer than you expect them to. Their Business Travel Messenger Bag is no different. Made out of the absolute highest quality leather, this bag is large enough to carry a 15 or 16 inch laptop as well as just about anything else you might need during the work day.

The Business Travel Messenger Bag Backpack also features an incredibly long strap that can be adjusted to transform this bag into a hand bag or even a back pack, making it ideal for all kinds of journeys.

Out of all the bags on this list the Katteee Business Travel Messenger Bag might be one of the more expensive bags, but it is definitely worth the price tag.

Available in oil mocha, black, brown or tan colours, this messenger bag is made of high quality distressed leather, which gives it that aged look that makes leather so great. The Visconti is also large enough to fit a 14 or 15 inch laptop as well as a couple of books and other items you might need for your work day.

There is only one minor issue with this bag: if you leave the initial oil on you will not be able to wear this bag with light clothing. That said, the leather this bag is made out of is a high enough quality that you can simply wipe the oil off.

If you want a distinctive leather bag that will make you stand out from the crowd, the Visconti is an excellent and affordable option.

If you need to carry a lot of things to and from work you might find the smaller space in this bag to be somewhat lacking, but what this bag lacks in space it makes up for in pockets. This makes it ideal for someone who has to carry a variety of smaller items with them. Made of unusually soft, full-grain cowhide leather, the Risky Business is definitely a classy choice.

Like the Visconti, however, the colour of the Risky Business bag tends to bleed through, so you want to avoid carrying it when you’re wearing light coloured clothing.

At a nice middle price range, this bag is definitely worth what you pay for it. If you take good care of it you’ll find that it is an investment that keeps giving back.

  • Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case (from $89.99)

This bag really offers everything the modern man could want in a leather messenger bag. It has a distinctive look that will earn you many compliments at the office and is large enough to carry a 15-inch laptop as well as whatever else you might need to get through the work day. Under the top flap you’ll also find a variety of smaller pockets that make it easy for you to organize your pens, business cards and notes.

Really the only drawback of this bag is that when you load it to maximum capacity the shoulder strap can dig into your shoulder pretty badly. Still, the bag is reasonably easy to carry and the colour of the leather won’t bleed out like it does in other similarly priced bags.

If you’re looking to get the best possible value for your leather bag without spending a lot of money, the Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover case really is the best option for you.

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business (from $81.26)

The Reaction Show Business bag is an extremely distinctive bag whose appearance will earn you compliments everywhere you go. Its cowhide leather is much softer than the leather of other bags on this list and will be a true joy for serious leather lovers. This bag also features a well padded interior to keep all your valuable items safe. While you never want to drop your bag, if you drop the Reaction Show Business bag you’ll probably find your belongings are still intact.

Unfortunately you do have to be careful how much you load into this bag. While it has enough room for a laptop and a couple books, if you fill it to the actual maximum capacity the strap is likely to break. This means the Reaction Show Business bag is really just a great laptop bag.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business Bag is perfect for somebody who just needs something they can carry their laptop to work in. It’s certainly a lot more distinctive than other laptop bags on the market.

Remember, an excellent messenger bag is a long term investment, and there really is no better material than leather for durable and distinctive bags. Best of all, this investment won’t cost you a fortune—but it will save you a lot of time and money.

If you’ve traveled a lot you’re familiar with the many woes of luggage: wheels that don’t turn the way you want them too, luggage that costs a small fortune but only lasts a couple of trips, zippers that barely function or break completely, the list goes on. But Delsey Luggage is here to end those woes.

Created by the Seynhaeve brothers (the – sey) and Emile Delhaye (the Del-) in Paris in 1946, Delsey luggage was originally created to make top quality camera carrying equipment. Delsey moved into the luggage market in 1970 and has produced many high quality products since then.

Delsey is constantly pushing to create better luggage with innovative additions like longer handles, wheels, regularly updated designs and durable materials. They were the first to introduce a flexible frame suitcase when they released their Helium line in 1984, and in 2008 they patented a shape-memory fiberglass frame design.

Serious travelers know not to settle for anything less than Delsey. These bags are durable, lightweight and attractive.

Here are the top three Delsey suitcases:

  • The Delsey Helium Sky

The Delsey Helium Sky is one of the most popular choices and is perfect for business travelers. It’s an expandable carry on suitcase sized at either 25” or 29”. It features three flat outer pockets suitable for things like your laptop and anything you might want to have on hand in the airport such as a passport. Best of all, the bag itself weighs almost nothing. Its patented Micro-Ballistec fabric makes the suitcase come in at a mere 7 pounds.

The Sky is also designed for easy packing with adjustable straps, flaps and even a shoe compartment. And once you’re at the airport you’ll find it easy to maneuver thanks to its spinning wheels and long handle. This makes it ideal for someone who travels often but doesn’t need a lot of space.

All together the Sky is one of the best carry-on suitcases currently available, with a sleek design that makes it easy to fit anywhere but still roomy enough to hold everything you need for a business trip or a weekend away.

  • The Delsey Helium Aero

The Disney Helium Aero actually comes in three different sizes: 21” and 25” carry-ons, and a 29” full-sized suitcase. All three options have a shiny exterior made of hard polycarbonate, perfect for transporting delicate objects. These suitcases also have the highest quality zippers, making them incredibly durable.

Like other Helium models, the Aero is also easy to maneuver thanks to its four-directional spinning wheels. It also features handles both on the top and on the sides, making it easy to pick up and stow away in your driver’s car or the carry-on section of your plane. Adjustable straps make it easy to fit everything you need into this top quality suitcase and a large zippered pocket will keep your laptop and other important items safe.

All in all, the Delsey Helium Aero is an excellent choice for anyone who spends a fair bit of time traveling and especially for somebody who likes to bring back delicate figurines or other breakable items. You’ll never have to worry about broken gifts again!

  • The Delsey Helium Superlite

The Delsey Helium Superlite comes in 24” and 29” and both options are incredibly light. Their Dura-Tec fabric combined with reinforced corners allows them to survive even the roughest handling in the luggage department. Weather tight zippers mean even loose papers will be safe in your suitcase no matter how much it rains.

The handles are also reinforced to make them both more durable and more comfortable to hold. Super-spinning wheels and an extra-long handle make the Superlite easier to maneuver than even many of the other models in the Helium line.

You’ll find that the whole interior is lined to protect your stuff from both the weather and the burly baggage handlers’ rough treatment. The deep compartment provides enough room for all your stuff along with adjustable straps to make sure it all fits. The other side provides little pockets so you can keep your accessories and knick-knacks organized throughout your entire trip. If you acquire a lot of stuff on your journey you can even expand the deep compartment by up to 2 inches.

Perhaps most cool of all is the Superlite’s over-packed indicator. This sensor knows when you exceed your maximum weight of 50 pounds and a light goes on near the top handle. This makes it easy to organize your stuff properly.

All in all, if you’re looking for a carry-on suitcase that’s extremely light weight and perfect for journeys of all kinds, the Superlite is an excellent choice.

Most people take their laptops everywhere. Sitting at home, commuting to work, or relaxing on vacation, it doesn’t matter your laptop is likely always with you.

And if that’s going to be the case then you need to make sure you have a decent bag to transport your laptop in. There are 5 main options:

  1. Backpacks
  2. Briefcases
  3. Messenger bags
  4. Shoulder bags
  5. Laptop sleeves

We’ve gone through all the different types and compiled a top 10 list to make your decision easier. But, before we get to our best of the best list, let’s first talk about a few features and how exactly to make choose the best bag for you (and your laptop).

2 Main Features to Consider Before Buying

Laptop size. The last thing you want to do is buy a bag that’s too small or even way too big for your laptop. If you’re not sure what size laptop you have, simply open it up and measure the screen diagonally.

Common laptop sizes are:

  • 11.6”
  • 13.3”
  • 15.6”
  • 17.3”

While common tablet sizes are:

  • 7.0”
  • 8.1”
  • 9.7”
  • 10.1”

You’ll notice below we’ve listed the maximum size laptop that each bag carries in order to help you make the right decision.

(Note of caution: most bags have specifically sized laptop compartments made to protect your exact laptop. If you have a 13.3” laptop but think going with a bigger size may allow you to carry more, also consider that this could allow your laptop to be bounced around or jarred during any travel. Essentially what we’re saying is, pick the right bag for the right laptop.)

Use. What exactly will you be using the bag for?

Business? Maybe you want a more classic style bag.

Travel? Consider how you want to be carrying the bag through the airport, or maybe if you even need a feature like rolling wheels.

The occasional trip to Starbucks? Maybe a simple sleeve for your laptop is all you need then.

What you use the bag for will also help answer the most important question: What will you be carrying besides your laptop?

For most people, the list may include some (or all) of the following:

  • Tablet
  • Mouse and mouse pad
  • Pens, pencils, paper, etc.
  • Headphones
  • Cell phone
  • Jacket (or extra clothes)
  • Cords and cables (USB, HDMI, VGA, etc.)

Top 10 Laptop Bags for Guys

You may notice below the top 3 bags are actually by AmazonBasics, which is a private-label electronics brand created by Amazon in 2009. This really shouldn’t come as much surprise, as Amazon has tons of data to zero in on exactly what a consumer wants from the product.

Number 1 – AmazonBasics Laptop Bag and Tablet Bag


Main Features: 3 external sections with multiple internal organizers, padded shoulder strap

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 2 – AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve


Main Features: Form-fitting sleeve with precise fit for specific size laptops, ability to place inside a bag or backpack

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 3 – AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack


Main Features: Padded interior laptop compartment, heavily padded shoulder straps, additional compartments for supplies or a tablet, mesh pockets on each side for water bottles

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 4 – Evecase Laptop Neoprene Messenger Case


Main Features: Available in 3 different colors, scratch-free interior lining, removable shoulder strap, fold-away handles, 5 pockets including 2 large compartments, 2 accessory compartments, and 1 small pocket

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 5 – Case Logic Security Friendly Laptop Case


Main Features: 2 protected compartments for both a laptop and tablet, designed in compliance with TSA (this means you don’t need to remove your laptop for airport security) making this a great travel bag, compatible attachment to most rolling luggage

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 6 – SwissGear ScanSmart Laptop Computer Backpack


Main Features: 6 different color options, several storage specific compartments (i.e. eyeglass holder, water bottle holder, media pocket, organizer pocket), ergonomically contoured padded shoulder straps

Size: Up to 15.6”

Number 7 – High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack


Main Features: Available in 5 different color options, “cushion zone” padded computer pocket, varied pocket styles (i.e. organizer, media pocket, zippered pockets, key fob, headphone port), telescoping handle and corner-mounted wheels, can be rolled or used as a backpack

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 8 – Samsonite Classic Two Gusset Toploader


Main Features: High grade ballistic fabric, double gusset business briefcase layout featuring a fully padded laptop compartment, and easy access compartments

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 9 – Snugg Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag


Main Features: 6 different color options (depending on size chosen), high quality leather exterior, 6 internal compartments, 4 external pockets

Size: Up to 17.3”

Number 10 – Brinch Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Computer Case


Main Features: 4 color options, shock absorption polyester foam lined laptop pocket

Size: Up to 15.6”

Which Bag is Right for You?

If you’ve looked through the best packs above, but are still a little unsure of which one to go with here are our final thoughts….

The basics. If all you want is a well-built, simple bag then go with one of the AmazonBasics, Evecase, or Brinch bags. There aren’t any surprises or fancy features, but they get the job done.

All the bells and whistles. Case Logic, Swissgear, and High Sierra all offer a bit more in terms of storage space and gadget like pockets.

Higher class. The Samsonite and Snugg bags are made of a little higher quality material and perfect for a more upscale (or work) environment.

Hopefully those final thoughts helped a bit, and you find the perfect laptop bag to meet your needs!


None of us want to be that guy/girl that spends 10 minutes anchoring their weight just to try and cram an obviously oversized carry on into the overhead compartment. If you really don’t care and somehow always manage to squeeze it in there, remember two things. The person under you now hates you because you’ve managed to expose them to the taste of your armpit and the flight attendants are just waiting for your luggage to fall on your head.

We’re not trying to make you insecure about your luggage or armpits, that’s definitely not our intent. We just think it’s time you know that there are much more efficient, lightweight, and cabinet friendly options. They won’t put a big dent in your bank account either. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best light luggage options and some info to help you decide which piece will fit you best.

  1. Calvin Klein Nolita 2.0 28” Upright


When we hear the name Calvin Klein these days, dollar signs start popping into our heads. Don’t be concerned though, at only $189 on Amazon, this brand name luggage essential puts its competitors to shame. Check out its specs.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Height: 28”
  • Width: 18.5”
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Wheels: 4 Dual wheels for effortless mobility
  • Pockets: 2 zippered front face pockets, fully lined interior with a zipper mesh pocket
  • Setback: This suitcase comes without a side handle
  • Price: $189

If you can spare the two or three extra pounds that the other lightweight luggage items seem to give, we recommend this one. It’s elegant, durable, and classy. Reviewers are claiming that this suitcase delivers more than expected. Its size was created for the trending ‘smaller’ travel rules. It fits perfectly and as long you’re not filling it with gold bars, lifting and moving it won’t be difficult.

  1. ZERO Halliburton Air 22” Carry-On


ZERO Haliburton earned a reputation for creating the best lightweight luggage when it released its Air collection. They’re doing something right and have been doing it since 1938. You might be surprised to find that these travel necessities don’t come with an outrageous sticker.

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Height: 24”
  • Width: 17”
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Wheels: 4 spinner wheels for simple mobility
  • Pockets: lined interior with 2 pockets
  • Setback: This suitcase doesn’t come with a lot of pocket space
  • Price: $425

You’re looking at the weight and thinking, no wonder they call it Air right? If you’re the type to cram everything into one suitcase and keep it with you at all times, this is a must. It’s thin, but made from very durable material and can be hauled everywhere without making your arms soar the following morning. It doesn’t have a ton of pocket space for smaller items, but here’s a tip, put them in small baggies and pack them with everything.

  1. Samsonite L.I.F.T Spinner 21


Samsonite has always been in a class of its own when it comes to travel. L.I.F.T (Lightweight Innovations For Travel) offers something a lot of other luggage makers don’t, a 10 year warranty. Right now Samsonite L.I.F.T items are VERY reasonably priced at slightly more than $100. We’ll take it!

  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Height: 21”
  • Width: 15”
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • Wheels: 360 degree multi-directional upright wheels
  • Pockets: 2 front pockets with an internal mesh pocket
  • Setback: The design of the wheels can sometimes cause a trip up
  • Price: $103

As long as you aren’t taking this piece of luggage through rough terrain, its idea. You certainly can’t beat a $103 price tag for something this durable and lightweight. Other buyers are calling it ‘roomy and light’. It’s the perfect carry on size and has room enough for 5 days of travel for the average packer.

  1. Eagle Creek Lync System 22


This made our best lightweight luggage list primarily because it’s incredibly multifunctional. It stands out from the crowd because it has numerous compartments and is capable of transforming from roller luggage to backpack. This is perfect for you ‘on the go’ travelers out there.

  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Height: 22”
  • Width: 14”
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Wheels: Multi-directional wheels for simple mobility
  • Pockets: Front and side zippered pockets with a large zippered mesh pocket inside
  • Setback: Its shell is made of softer material, so it wouldn’t be recommended for fragile items
  • Price: $275

This piece is by far our favorite. Who doesn’t love convertible and multifunctional bags? Fitting for you lightweight travelers, you can throw this on your back and not have to worry about the wheels getting caught or tripped up. Its style is one that journalists and outdoor adventurers tend to love.

  1. Bric’s LIFE 26” UltraLight Spinner


If traveling in style and with poise is something that screams you, you’re going to have a hard time finding something as classy as this spinner. It’s made in Italy and is considered a ‘medium sized check in’ but still has a size and weight that would allow it to be carried on.

  • Material: 78% Polyvinyl Chloride, 22% Leather
  • Height: 26”
  • Width: 18”
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Wheels: Multi-directional wheels for simple mobility
  • Pockets: Front zipper hatch
  • Setback: This bag can be a bit on the bulk side, but still considered lightweight for its size.
  • Price: $695

You’ll look great rolling this arty luggage behind you. Sure, there are more practical bags but you won’t find a bag of this quality that can consider itself lightweight. It comes with a 5 year warranty so you can feel comfortable about dropping almost $700 on this beauty.

We hope we were able to cover a bag to your particular need. Each one of these pieces made our list for 2015s best lightweight luggage options because it offers something unique to you. We want you to make a decision you’re happy with so, feel free to do some research. These are the pieces we’ve found most suitable for your travelling needs. Bon voyage!