Best Leather Messenger Bags For Men

Messenger bags are the preferred work bag for many modern men. They look more professional than backpacks, more stylish than brief cases and they are far easier to carry than your standard briefcase.

It should come as no surprise that leather is one of the preferred materials for messenger bags. For one thing, leather bags lend their owner an air of wisdom, and they tend to only grow more attractive as they age. For another, they’re incredibly durable. A well maintained leather bag can last decades, even an entire lifetime.

What might be more surprising is the wide price range of high quality leather messenger bags. A leather messenger bag doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, many of these bags are similarly priced to messenger bags made from other, less durable materials.

Eager to learn more? Check out our list of the best leather messenger bags for men currently for sale:

The Kattee brand has long been known for producing incredibly durable bags, the kind of bags that last years or even decades longer than you expect them to. Their Business Travel Messenger Bag is no different. Made out of the absolute highest quality leather, this bag is large enough to carry a 15 or 16 inch laptop as well as just about anything else you might need during the work day.

The Business Travel Messenger Bag Backpack also features an incredibly long strap that can be adjusted to transform this bag into a hand bag or even a back pack, making it ideal for all kinds of journeys.

Out of all the bags on this list the Katteee Business Travel Messenger Bag might be one of the more expensive bags, but it is definitely worth the price tag.

Available in oil mocha, black, brown or tan colours, this messenger bag is made of high quality distressed leather, which gives it that aged look that makes leather so great. The Visconti is also large enough to fit a 14 or 15 inch laptop as well as a couple of books and other items you might need for your work day.

There is only one minor issue with this bag: if you leave the initial oil on you will not be able to wear this bag with light clothing. That said, the leather this bag is made out of is a high enough quality that you can simply wipe the oil off.

If you want a distinctive leather bag that will make you stand out from the crowd, the Visconti is an excellent and affordable option.

If you need to carry a lot of things to and from work you might find the smaller space in this bag to be somewhat lacking, but what this bag lacks in space it makes up for in pockets. This makes it ideal for someone who has to carry a variety of smaller items with them. Made of unusually soft, full-grain cowhide leather, the Risky Business is definitely a classy choice.

Like the Visconti, however, the colour of the Risky Business bag tends to bleed through, so you want to avoid carrying it when you’re wearing light coloured clothing.

At a nice middle price range, this bag is definitely worth what you pay for it. If you take good care of it you’ll find that it is an investment that keeps giving back.

  • Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case (from $89.99)

This bag really offers everything the modern man could want in a leather messenger bag. It has a distinctive look that will earn you many compliments at the office and is large enough to carry a 15-inch laptop as well as whatever else you might need to get through the work day. Under the top flap you’ll also find a variety of smaller pockets that make it easy for you to organize your pens, business cards and notes.

Really the only drawback of this bag is that when you load it to maximum capacity the shoulder strap can dig into your shoulder pretty badly. Still, the bag is reasonably easy to carry and the colour of the leather won’t bleed out like it does in other similarly priced bags.

If you’re looking to get the best possible value for your leather bag without spending a lot of money, the Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover case really is the best option for you.

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business (from $81.26)

The Reaction Show Business bag is an extremely distinctive bag whose appearance will earn you compliments everywhere you go. Its cowhide leather is much softer than the leather of other bags on this list and will be a true joy for serious leather lovers. This bag also features a well padded interior to keep all your valuable items safe. While you never want to drop your bag, if you drop the Reaction Show Business bag you’ll probably find your belongings are still intact.

Unfortunately you do have to be careful how much you load into this bag. While it has enough room for a laptop and a couple books, if you fill it to the actual maximum capacity the strap is likely to break. This means the Reaction Show Business bag is really just a great laptop bag.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business Bag is perfect for somebody who just needs something they can carry their laptop to work in. It’s certainly a lot more distinctive than other laptop bags on the market.

Remember, an excellent messenger bag is a long term investment, and there really is no better material than leather for durable and distinctive bags. Best of all, this investment won’t cost you a fortune—but it will save you a lot of time and money.

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