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Which Countries Allow U.S. Citizens To Visit The Longest?

With the recent news, everyone has been worried about the visa requirements for U.S. citizens. Until this point, US nationals have enjoyed some of the best travel facilities, with the least amount of paperwork, when it comes to going on a long stay or vacation abroad, without any danger of ever losing their citizenship. A little bit of research is however required as visa regulations differ from country to country. Here are the most lenient countries for U.S. citizens to visit:

Which Countries Allow U.S. Citizens To Visit The Longest?

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1. Canada

American citizens can visit Canada with a valid passport, without obtaining a visa, for a period of 6 months, providing they are in good health and have proof of sufficient funds and show intent to return to their home country.

2. Bermuda

Bermuda tourist visa is not needed for U S citizens for a stay up to 180 days. All you need is for your passport to be valid for 90 days from the date of your exit from Bermuda.

3. Barbados

No tourist visa necessary for U S citizens to stay in Barbados up to 180 days. You just need a passport which is valid for at least 90 days after your departure from Barbados.

4. Mauritius

Citizens of America intending to visit Mauritius simply need a passport with 90 days validity from date of departure from Mauritius. Evidence of return ticket, adequate funds and accommodation proof is enough to get you a 180 day stay.

5. United Kingdom

American citizens going to UK as tourists can apply for a visa upon arrival, for a maximum stay of up to six months, without going through the normal tedious modes of immigration. Intent to return and sufficient funds to sustain are all that is needed.

6. Mexico

The maximum time that a visitor may stay without a formal visa is six months. Therefore your passport must be valid for at least that much time. For US citizens, a visitor’s permit is sufficient, which can be easily obtained on arrival.

7. Dominica

Residents of America do not require a visa to tour Dominica for a stay of up to 180 days. In addition to a valid passport you will asked to provide a return ticket.

8. Jamaica

U S citizens may tour Jamaica for leisure or business, without visas, providing they have a valid passport with six months validity, return ticket, proof of funds and sound in mind. Maximum stay allowed is 180 days.

9. Nepal

Citizens off all nationalities entering Nepal can get a visa on arrival for a period of up to 3 months, extendable to a maximum of 150 days in a calendar year. A passport with six months validity is necessary.

10. Fiji

Citizens of the United States with a current passport – with at least 6 months remaining validity, proof of funds and a valid health insurance to cover their trip, can get  up to four month stay without visa.
Reference: State Travel Dept

The 7 Most Creative Luggage Tags

A lot of luggage looks the same. Picking a creative luggage tag will help you breeze through the baggage claim and even prevent your bag from getting lost. Here are 7 creative luggage tags that we found across the web.

1. Vintage Luggage Tags

Release your inner hipster with these vintage style tags. We know you liked them before they were cool.

vintage tags

2. Anchor’s Away

This trendy tag is a MUST have for a cruise. It was designed by Kate Aspen for Bed Bath And Beyond.

anchor tag

3. Monogrammed Luggage Handle Wrap

Tags aren’t the only way to ID your bag. A personalized handle wrap from Etsy will really make your bag stand out. You should especially consider this if you are the unfortunate owner of a bag that does not have padding on the handle.

4. Keep Calm, It’s My Carry On

I’m not 100% sure a bag with this funny tag will make it through the security line without some funny looks. But, it certainly made the list for creativity. Best for trips to the U.K., where the Keep Calm, Carry On slogan originated during WWII.

keep calm

5. Aluminum Laser Engraved

Paper has its wear and tear with all of that bouncing around in nether-regions of the airport. Aluminum is much more durable, and stylish.

laser engraved

6. Superheroes

They may be cute but they also kick ass. Tag your bag with a superhero and you’ll be fly like one too.


7. Wood Luggage Tags

This unique wooden design can be customized with your information. It models the style of a retro paper airline tag, but provides the durability of wood.


1. Roll your clothes instead of folding


rolled jeans
Image courtesy of Worakit Sirijinda at

Retail stores have been using this trick for years in their stock rooms to fit more clothes. Simply roll up your clothes instead of folding them to fit more in your bag! It’s also a great way to keep your outfits together. Place your socks, underwear, and shirt on top of your pants. Then, roll them up to keep the outfit together and save space in your bag.

2. Pack your electronics on top

Image from
Image courtesy of Worakit Sirijinda at

One quick way to speed up your time in the security line is to pack anything they might need to take a look at on top. That includes your laptop, toiletries, and any other electronics. Your fellow airport travelers will also appreciate the speediness as you move through the security line and security is less likely to rummage through your bag, messing up your clothes in the process.

3. Make a DIY single use toothpaste or lotion carrier



Why bring a whole tube of toothpaste or a bottle of lotion just to have it confiscated in the security line? It’s easy to make a single use toothpaste or lotion holder. All you’ll need is a straw, scissors, lighter, and pliers. First, cut the straw in half and fill it with enough toothpaste for one brush. Then pinch the end of the straw with your pliers. Finally, heat the end of the straw with your lighter to seal it.

4. Store your hairpins in a tic tac container



Photo credit: Christopher Hsia / / CC BY-SA

Tic tacs are only a few cents. Not only will your breath smell great but you will also have a neat little container to store your hairpins, earrings, and small accessories that could easily be lost in your luggage.

5. Plastic bags are your best friend


rewbs.soal / / CC BY-SA

Clothes take up a lot of space in your bag because they are filled with air. By placing your clothes in a large ziploc bag and removing the air, you can really compress them and save some space. Don’t have a vacuum? Use a straw to suck the air out.

6. Buy some clothes at your final destination


When in Rome… dress as the Romans. Well, wearing a toga on your next vacation might be taking it too far. But if you purchase some of your clothes at your final destination instead of bringing them, you’ll save space and have some nice souvenirs for the trip home. Plus, you won’t look like a tourist if you dress like the locals.


7. Swap your bean bag neck pillow for an inflatable one

neck pillowNeck pillows can help you leave the flight well-rested and eliminate the stress of travelling. But, they take up a lot of room in your bag. Try using an inflatable neck pillow to save space.

8. Get free stuff from the hotel front desk


Don’t bother packing deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, or disposable razor. But Dr, won’t I be a stinky mess? No! All of these things can be had for free if you ask the front desk of your hotel. Sometimes, you can even get a free iPhone charger from the lost and found – hundreds are forgotten in hotel rooms every day. Alternatively, you can buy most of these things when you get to your destination and throw them away before the return trip to save space.


9. Follow the 3:1:1 rule

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 12.28.55 PM

The TSA has a special rule when it comes to carrying liquids. You are allowed to fit as many 3oz (3.4oz if you want to be technical) bottles of liquid in a 1 quart bag, with 1 bag allowed per passenger. This rule includes semi-liquids too, like lotions, toothpaste, and gels.


10. Layer your clothes


Layered Clothing

What you “carry on” doesn’t have to be limited to your carry-on. Wear a jacket in the airport to free up some space in your bag, tie a sweatshirt around your waist, and wear a hat in line. You will be asked to remove the jacket and accessories in the security line, which can slow things down, but at least you will save some space in your bag.


11. Save time in line with TSA Pre Check


TSA Pre Check is a new program that has been adopted at over 150 airports and by all of the major U.S. airlines. If you are approved for this program, there’s no need to remove laptops, liquids, jackets, belts, or other items from your bag. With this program you enter a special expedited security line and cut down your waiting time!


12. Weigh your bag on the bathroom scale


bathroom scale
Make sure to check your bag’s weight on the bathroom scale before you get to the airport. If the bag weighs less than 50 lbs or is smaller than 62 inches in dimension, it’s considered normal size for bag check. This size could be free or a small fee depending on your airline. Anything over that is universally considered overweight and will incur additional charges.

{Infographic} Handy Business Travel Checklist

The best part about traveling for business is getting to your destination smoothly, nailing your presentation and coming back home successful. But we all know with travel, it’s not always that easy. You can’t control travel delays, lost luggage and more, but you can be more prepared with the items you pack, which can make a mad dash from the airport to your client’s office easier. Check out this handy business travel packing checklist below.

Business travel checklist