Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage

Founded in 1978 by Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs, Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage quickly earned its place as one of the most highly respected luxury luggage companies in America. These elegant suitcases bring the highest quality fabrics and zippers together with a sensible design and a classy selection of colours.

If you want to invest in a high quality suitcase that will be the envy of everyone you meet on your travels, a Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase is the way to go.

Try out one of these suitcase lines:


The Roxbury 2.0 Hardside Collection is made out of an extremely lightweight but high impact material called Makrolon. This keeps even your fragile souvenirs safe without weighing you down. Combined with four-directional wheels(wheels that spin in every direction so you can turn more easily), the light weight of the Makrolon makes this suitcase far more manageable than your standard hard shell suitcase. Roxbury suitcases also feature multi-locking extendable handles to make it easier for you to traverse the airport.

It’s worth noting that the different suitcases available in the Hardside Collection all have drastically different features. Make sure you read through the specific specs of the suitcase you’re considering before you actually make a purchase.

You can get the Hardside Collection in 4 different sizes and it also comes in silver, purple or red.


This elegant luggage collection features a particularly sleek design and features hard shell protection in key impact areas to keep your things safe. Soft front and back panels maximize packing room and help keep this case quite light. It also has a multi-locking extendable handle system and four-directional wheels so you  can easily navigate the airport and anywhere else you need to take your suitcase.

One distinctive thing about these suitcases is how easy they make it to organize your stuff. They feature an “On Hangers” system that allows you to pull items straight from the closet as well as “Split Book” opening so you can easily access whatever items you need. Most of these features aren’t available in the Crystal City tote because of its size.

The Ricardo Beverly Hills Crystal City Luggage Collection features suitcases in 5 different sizes, including a 16-inch rolling tote bag.


Suitcases in the Ricardo Beverly Hills Montecito Micro-Lite Luggage Collection feature molded polypropylene support trays and super light frames to make the luggage both durable and incredibly light weight. Reinforced four-directional wheels make these suitcases easy to navigate around the airport or anywhere else you might have to take them—and will continue to do so for several years.

You can purchase a Ricardo Beverly Hills Montecito Micro-Lite suitcase in one of 4 different sizes or even purchase a hand-held laptop-size Montecito Micro-Lite bag. The larger Montecito Micro-Lite suitcases also expand by a full 2 inches, making sure you have room for everything you buy while you’re away. Montecito bags come in brown or red.


The Ricardo Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Collection features a combination of Nano-Tex, the highest quality fabric currently being used in the luggage industry, and Makrolon polycarbonate to provide enhanced safety for your items as well as an elegant look.

One distinctive feature of this particular suitcase line is that Rodeo Drive suitcases expand a full two inches, whereas most suitcases only expand by 1.25 inches. This can make all the difference when you’re trying to fit everything you purchased on your trip back into your suitcase.

The Rodeo Drive Collection features five different suitcases, with four different sizes and one soft exterior option.

Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcases might cost quite a premium if you can’t find them on sale, but these elegant and durable suitcases are well worth the investment. Still, remember to read reviews of the specific suitcase you’re looking at before you purchase it to make sure that it’s right for you. If you’re going to really invest in a suitcase you want it to be the right one!

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